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Your regular license allows you to run webinars on just one domain - with the PRO here today, you can start running them on as many as 10 - all fully hosted by us. Say you have multiple products or businesses and you want to differentiate between them - now is the time to do it with Webinar Hero Pro!

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While you use SOME of those 10 licenses for your various businesses, you can now SELL access to the others as part of the developers license you get with the Pro version today or even better yet, enroll them on a monthly fee and generate a solid recurring income. As long as you're selling for less than $400, getting offline clients used to Gotowebinar's prices will be easy!

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Since you'll be selling webinar hero sites for a huge profit - why not brand yourself in the process? That's right with the PRO version you can add your OWN logo - so your buyers won't even suspect they're using Webinar Hero AND keep sending you money every month.

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How about running actual banner ads right in the middle of a webinar call? So instead of posting the link you want to send them to, like the old, boring way you INSTEAD display beautiful, high converting banners they can click on and get redirected to the offer. See your conversion rates DOUBLE and your sales increase with this simple tweak available ONLY in the Pro version today.

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With Webinar Hero Pro you can now download a list of everyone who registered for your webinars and just plug it straight into any autoresponder and start marketing to them!

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  • Banner Ads During Live Call: $497 VALUE
  • Download All Leads: $67 VALUE

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