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Listen – you now have Webinars – great!

A lot of marketers I know struggle to MAXIMIZE their results with the software they purchase because they don’t get the best practices or case studies to go alongside that!

So we have created over 30x videos that will walk you through the BEST POSSIBLE way to use Webinar Hero and Webinar Hero PRO to make money with webinars for yourself or for your clients…

Module 1

The Webinar Wizard

Reusing Old Slide Deck
The Mindmap Webinars

Module 2

Traffic Generation

Setting Up Retargeting
Reusing Retargeting Traffic

Module 3

Perfect Positioning

Value comparison and Stacking
The Pitch Mindset

Module 4

Delivering Webinars

You are an entertainer
Pre-webinar preparation

Module 5

6-Figure Biz: Clients and Fulfillment

Charging Premium
for Results
Recommended Fee

Module 6

Webinars as a Product

Selling Before and After
Art of Backend

That’s a WHOLE LOT of training for a very small price.

All you have to do is sign up on this page and we’ll start sending you these videos immediately right within your members area.

First 5 videos are already available, and next 5 will be added within the week…and so on!

Since these videos are pre-recorded, you don’t need to be here LIVE...just watch them in your own time, implement them and follow our exercise to create your own lead- and profit-pulling contests!

You are, once again, covered with our 30-day money back guarantee.

If you get in this course and don’t like it…or implement it and don’t get any results (highly unlikely)…just let us know and we’ll send you immediate refund!

Webinar Hero: Upgrade 3 - Webinar Training


Neil Napier and Radu Hahainau

Webinar Hero: Upgrade 3 - Webinar Training

Special Launch Price Closes In: